The Impact of Climate Change Demands Change

There is no water to develop cities in some places anymore

Climate Change is causing people to feel insecure

When the river goes dry and people start worrying

We must change our ways before we all start crying

Climate catastrophes are not events we will see in the future, they are happening now

And it is best for us to take action by using the many ecofriendly tips somehow

We should try to send less waste to landfills so that there is less things there to burn

Eco-friendly tips are not hard to implement, we only need to be willing to learn

We can reduce the number of plastic water bottles we use in many ways

When we decide to have our reusable water bottles with us every day

When we purify our water at home we can save a lot

We should be looking at all the ecofriendly tips that we got

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We should use electric cars whenever we can

If we can’t afford them now, they can be a part of our future plan

However, We can carpool and use public transport sometimes

Again the amount of money we will be saving will be much more than a dime

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We should try to do more for our planet because we can

There are many environmentalists out there who made great plans

We shouldn’t wait until water can no longer be found to think about conservation

Now that we have seen the state of the Colorado River, let us have a new conversation

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