Living in an Eco Village and Living Sustainably

People who want to be closer to nature, growing their own food and living sustainably

Reduce their impact on the planet and live with others who like living comfortably

Life for the people who are living in eco-villages seem to be so relaxing

They leave the hustle and bustle behind because it is so taxing

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Building homes in these Eco Villages can cost less it seems

As people help each other a lot, they all make a plan to become a team

Living off the grid and eating organic food is not for everyone

But there are people who retire and think living like this is a good decision

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Some of them are tired of the long drive to go home after work

And maybe they had a boss who would always act like a jerk

They are so happy to forget about having landlords and bills

When they can easily enjoy nature each day they experience the thrills

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With solar power and energy from the wind life at the Eco Village is great

When neighbours live peacefully together, when there is work to do they participate

Planting crops, reaping and planning their entertainment

It is good that more people have started to protect the environment

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