Protect the Environment and Save

When we try to protect the environment we can save a lot

Soon we can say, look at all they benefits we got

When we reuse plastic and use less electricity

We reduce our energy bills and have a cleaner city

We can recycle waste and spend less on many things too

We will find that it is easier for us to make it through

Photo by Lucien Wanda on

Cardboard, plastic, paper and more things can be recycled when we make a plan

To protect the environment as much as we can

We will save a lot when we reduce our use of plastic

There will be less toxic fumes in the air to make us feel sick

So added to having more savings we will be healthy and relaxed

So lets get our environmental protection plans on the right track

A little change is all it takes

Let’s do more for the environment and stop making the same mistakes


Did you see the project ? click

Published by denise421win

A Creative Writer who is an Author and Lyricist, you'll like my e books and my fiverr gigs. This is my site... Take a look at the fantastic project for the children and the environment. More books are being published for the children so they will be aware of the many things they can learn about protecting the environment each day. A lot is being done for environmental protection Awareness in the best way right here.

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