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Her Grave

Alternative Rock

Rhythm Affair

The song “Her Grave” was written about a father who lost his 12-year-old daughter in a senseless school shooting. He was angry with God but the song progresses and he insults and accuses God of cardinal sins and he continuously pointed out flaws in God’s character and even said God stole life.

It seems as if he was not coming to terms with the situation at all. The last verse captures the emotions he felt because of the painful situation. It is a great song that will cause listeners to feel the father’s pain but they will also enjoy the great musical artwork that was produced.

  • It begins with the soft sound of a guitar before the singer’s hollow but melancholy voice is added, he sings for a while and then the voice of a female singer blends nicely with his.
  • Other instruments are added as the song develops into a memorable tune with lyrics about dancing in the rainbow. This song is special because you can feel the grief of a father who is deeply hurt because of his loss, but he is trying to see a bright light at the end of a tunnel.
  • You can tell that the song is coming from a deep place because of the loss of a loved one, and not understanding how God could allow him to face so much pain.
  • However, as you listen to the story that is told by the singers, whose voices blend together very nicely.  You will want to keep on listening to the song over and over again as it is a combination of emotions and beautiful music.
  • “Her Grave” is a very enjoyable blues tune, as it climaxes into a more painful ending and the guitar cries as the emotions that is brought out by the song progresses. This great song will help you to relax after you have been in a tough situation.
  • Rhythm Affair has been getting a number of new fans since they released this song.

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