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Protecting The Environment by Reducing The use of Single-Use Plastics

We have become so accustomed to using single-use plastics because they have made our workload lighter. When we have parties and visit restaurants we use them because it is easy for us to simply discard plastic knives, forks etc. instead of having utensils to take home and wash and for the owners of restaurants, they .no longer need to hire anyone to wash utensils so single-use plastic helped them to spend less on wages for workers.

However, we are allowing our waste to destroy sea creatures and that is wrong. Doing things in an old-fashioned way will save the life of many marine animals so let’s do the right thing and stop using single-use plastics.

No More Single-Use Plastic

Costa Rica is making the right move by planning to ban the use of single-use plastic and I hope every other country will follow what they are doing.  We can put a set of utensils, a plate and a cup in our bags that we take to the different places we visit in the days and use them instead of the plastic ones.

We want our children to grow up and enjoy all the beauty we enjoy now on the planet and we need to make the necessary changes in order for this to happen

The government of Costa Rica is thinking about the future of their tourism industry it seems. They know tourists won’t enjoy being on a beach that is littered with plastic waste and that would cause them to earn less from tourism. For them, ending the use of single-use plastic is all about protecting their tourism industry so they can continue earning from it for a longer time.


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We can change the way we treat the environment when we tell our children how important it is for us to change our habits or develop new habits, we can simply tell them that we all need to develop new habits as we can’t continue treating the environment badly as the plastic that gets to the oceans and seas break down into microplastics and get eaten by plankton before it is eaten by fish and we eat the fish. Micro Plastic has found its way into the stomach of many humans whenever they eat fish or use sea salt.


If we make the small simple changes we need to make and show our children that we care about their future and protecting the environment is important. You can reduce the money you spend when you go shopping when you reuse plastics.

Governments spend a lot more to clean up the environment when we do nothing to protect the environment and this money could be spent on giving children better lunches and better education, we could also have better roads, less taxation and more benefits not mentioned here.

However, when we change the way we treat the environment and inform our children about the things they can do, We will be able to work towards having a healthy environment.

Children who are aware of the importance of protecting the environment have begun to change the way they discard their waste and they have even started thinking of creative ways in which they can reuse the things they normally discard.


Saving Taffy Turtle 

Telling children about going green and why it is a good thing to do, was complicated before. But the ebook         ” Saving Taffy Turtle ” was published for the parents who love their children and want them to have a bright future.

Now parents, aunts, uncles, and Grandparents can easily read this fun story for their children and grandchildren. They will fall in love with Taffy, this cute baby girl Turtle and quickly realize there is a lot they can do to protect her as they protect the environment.

Environmental Protection Awareness is now an easy and fun story that is just great for the children. I am sure you’ll like the ebook. You will be contributing to the publishing cost of other books in the series. Children will learn about reducing plastic use, reusing plastic, the importance of recycling plastic and other issues pertaining to environmental protection awareness that they need to learn about.

Get your copy here:

saving Taffy Turtle




Plastic Pollution

There are countries that have started taxing plastic bags, and persons are using less plastic bags in those countries. We can make the changes that we need to make and solve the problem of plastic pollution even though it is not easy. We have been using single-use plastic for many years so it will take a lot of effort to change our habits.

Persons have started taking their own containers to supermarkets and asking if they can buy flour, sugar, rice and other products that they would buy in plastic packaging before and are asking supermarket managers if they can get products in their own containers.

Eventually, there will be less plastic in our oceans and seas as we will be sending more plastic waste to the landfills/


Children will start learning about all the great things they can make when they reuse plastic as they do more for the baby Turtles, as soon as this ebook is published. Persons have contributed to the project for the children and the environment and this cover was done, more contributions will go towards completing the ebook so children can have it at a low cost.

Shopping in a New Way

Remember children who are informed about the importance of protecting the environment will grow up to be responsible adults who will pass on the information about environmental protection to their children. Since it is important for us to send a message to the manufacturers who use too much plastic when they package their products, it is good when children are able to help adults to search for the products that are not packaged in plastic as we start shopping in a new way.

Supporting the Project for the Children and the Environment

Supporting the project is all about showing children how much we care about their future. There is someone here for everyone, there are ebooks for both children and adults and Fiverr gigs that can be easily ordered whenever contributors would like to sing more songs, have better relationships, advertise their businesses online, get great articles for their websites and get great slogans for advertising campaigns.




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