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Losing Beaches- The Effect of Global Warming

The loss of beaches has become a reality since hurricanes and tsunamis have started taking them away. Places like Jamaica, South Florida, the Bahamas and other places have lost beaches and in some places, persons have decided to go in search of sand to replace these lost beaches. Violent hurricanes and tsunamis continue to wreak havoc in many places and this rise of the sea level is another problem faced by persons who live on small islands. The change in the number of hurricanes and cyclones we have seen recently has been blamed on Global warming even though there are persons who disagree with this opinion. We all can say hurricane seasons were not as active as they are now, many years ago.


Rising Sea Levels

Sea level rises because of glaciers or ice sheets melting and warming land ice. Even though there are conflicting views about what causes the rise in Sea level. We know it is happening and we need to do all we can to even reduce the rate at which it is rising before we lose more of our beautiful beaches.

It has been reported that some islands no longer have beaches and their soil has become so salty that they are unable to plant food, They are depending on the kindness of outsiders who send them packaged food, so they have waste to burn when the packaging piles up. It is time for persons who live on the continents to think about hpw they can protect the environment and the persons who live on islands. The islands that are found close to the Pacific Garbage Patch are having a hard time. It would be good if persons who discard the most waste and contribute more the greenhouse gas emissions could cut back on the amount of waste they generate as this would cause a reduction in the amount of waste that is burned in landfills and also the amount that makes its way to the Pacific Garbage Patch.




Reducing Waste

Reducing waste is something we need to think about more often, as we just cannot afford to continue like this. If there is no change in the way we generate waste we will only continue to destroy our environment. Reusing many of the things we normally discard is a great way to reduce the amount of waste that gets to our oceans and our landfills. We will spend less on buying new products and we won’t need to worry about having plastic in our sea food as well when we reuse our waste in various ways.

Plastic Pollution

Plastic waste has become a huge problem for us and there has been an effort to replace plastic bottles with biodegradable bottles but that seems to be something we will be waiting on for a while and since it is important for us to do all we can at this time to change the way we treat the environment so we can ensure that our children will have a healthy environment to live in when they grow up. We need to change the way we educate our children about protecting the environment as we prepare for a better tomorrow.

Businesses use Plastic Waste

There are new companies that have started using plastic waste to make new products as they try to reduce the problem we have with plastic pollution we now have. Managers have been making more new products from plastic waste every day as they create more jobs for job seekers.

Creative Children

Children become very creative when they are encouraged to use plastic to make toys and other useful objects. They are able to give the things they make to others as they learn to be more caring while they learn to protect the environment.

The project for the children and the environment is being supported by many parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. The books they contribute to by purchasing other ebooks on or ordering gigs on are being published. Children are learning about the importance of protecting the environment in a new and easy way.

Protect The Coral Reef

Coral reefs are homes for marine life and human activity is threatening their survival. Global warming, our waste and high acidity from toxins that are released from factories into the oceans.

More needs to be done to understand what Corals reefs need to survive so we can make adjustments when we need to. Our ability to get enough fish for our nutrition might be affected soon if nothing changes and we continue doing the things we are doing to destroy the coral reefs at this time.

Plastic bags block sunlight from the corals and cause them to die, using reusable bags and reducing plastic use and reusing plastic as often as we can is our only option at this time if we plan to have a healthy environment.


Reuse For Taffy Turtle

A cover for the book that will educate children about reusing plastic in creative ways. Thanks in advance for your support of this great project for the children and the environment. These ebooks will make it easy for children to understand how they can do simple things that will make a difference as we reduce the amount of plastic waste that finds it’s way to our drains, rivers, seas and oceans every day.

I’m sure children will want to do all they can do, to protect the cute baby girl Turtle in this book. They will enjoy reading the nicely written story that is filled with rhymes when the project is supported and all the ebooks are published.

Click below to visit the page that has all the published ebooks there.  When you place orders you’ll be contributing to the publishing cost of this ebook and all the other ebooks for the protection of the environment.



Telling children how important it is for the ocean to be protected from plastic pollution is very important, we just cannot allow another generation to allow more waste to get into the oceans and the seas.  Now that you know of the project for the children and the environment, let us work together to protect our environment. As we now know that we protect our own health when our environment is protected.

Treating the environment right will make our future bright and we need to pass this message on to our children before they develop bad habits anddo all the things they should not be doing to pollute the environment.




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