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Children who Care about Protecting The Environment

When children care about protecting the environment they should be encouraged

Adults should never brush them aside because of their age

They are thinking about their future and how they will manage to live

Listen to them, they have a lot to give

They know their future will be bright

When they treat the environment right



Children are not as strong as adults and so, they are unable to overcome the effects of air pollution and water pollution, as adults do, because of this many children die each year when they become ill. The children who are aware of this have decided that they want to become more active in the fight to protect the environment. They do all they can to spread awareness about the issues persons face when the protection of the environment is ignored. These children in this video below, emphasize the fact that we are all in the problem together as we are citizens on one planet. And our actions affect each other, so we should be more mindful of the things we do. As we can cause problems for other persons when we discard our waste in the wrong way every day. When we care about the environment we won’t use so much single-use plastic, and we will do a lot more to reduce the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis. Now that we know of the Pacific Garbage Patch and the tiny pieces of plastic that get’s into our food when they are eaten by the fish before we eat them. We all know that toxins are not good for our health and we need to have a healthy environment if we plan to stay healthy.

Polluted water takes the lives of many children every year and this has caused more children to be willing to do their part to protect the environment, they should be supported in their effort to change the world in their own way. Whenever they form environmental clubs, parents should support them in every way as we all know that the issue they are dealing with has become a very serious one. Global warming is causing the Sealevel to rise and islands are getting smaller. Persons who live on Continents should do more for the environment in an effort to protect the persons who live on islands. We are all humans on earth and we need to care about each other’s well being.

Children who Join Environmental Clubs

Parents should encourage their children to join environmental clubs so they can become more aware of the many things they can do to protect the environment even though there are children who will not need any encouragement. There is a need for a product that is biodegradable to replace plastic now. We never know if the person who will design this new product will not be a child who has seen plastic pollution and wants to do something about it. Our children are very smart and we should equip them with the knowledge about the state of the environment so they can start thinking about creating solutions for the problems they see as they make plans for their own future.

You will be happy to know that there are many young environmentalists out there already and they are finding ways to spread the word about how important it is to protect the environment.

A List of Organisations for Environmental Protection

1. YES a group that believes in connecting, inspiring and collaborating with young and intergenerational change makers. To build thriving just and balanced ways of life for all.

They value emotional, physical and spiritual health and well being and wants to help persons to become more aware of how special the earth and all humans are.

2. Grass Roots and Shoots an environmental program for youths that was founded my Jane Goodall

3. Compassionate Kids is an organization that encourages kids to volunteer and be active in doing all they can to protect the environment.

4. Kids for Saving Earth: offers a curriculum and resources for parents and educators

5. Eco-Kids children have lots of fun in this organization with games and activities.

6. Kids For a Clean Environment is a club with over 2000 chapters and over 300,000 members in many places around the world.

7. Earth Force is a website that focuses on efforts by children who want to actively do more to protect their environment in their communities. This website is designed to help children and communities to get connected.

8. Children of the Earth provides resources online about protecting the environment, they also provide programs.

9.  Ecology has lots of information for everyone about environmental protection, but there is a section that is designed for kids.

10. Children and Nature Network is an organization helps children to become teachers and leaders.

Empowering children to become responsible adults is an activity every adult should want to be involved in. You can contact these organizations and do your part to make the environment healthy.

Now that fun writings have made it easy for information to be easily given to children so they can learn about all the important issues that they will need to pay attention to if they want to live a happy and healthy life on the planet. You can order e-books or fiverr gigs as you support a project that provides great information for children so they can learn about protecting the environment and more.



Children are concerned about the many hurricanes that take lives and destroy property every year in many places. Give them the information they need so they can be equipped to make a difference in whatever way they can. They won’t feel as if they are just sitting and waiting for the situation with Global Warming and the rising sea level to get worse. A lot can change when even small things are done to make things better. You may be amazed at what can happen when there is an effort to encourage children to stop littering streets and use less single-use plastic.

It is time for everyone on the planet to become aware of the things that are being done to destroy the environment so there can be a greater effort by persons to get rid of  bad habits and replace them with good ones so that children can be taught to treat the environment right just by doing what they see adults do. However, since the situation has gotten out of hand this creative way of providing great ebooks for the children to read about the topic will help to make it possible for them to prepare for a bright future, as they try to find solutions for the problems they are now facing because of the bad decisions that were made by adults.






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