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Children Should be Told about How Toxins Affect Humans

Toxic air causes many different respiratory illnesses that reduce the number of years we will live. Having more things to use and poor health is not what we should be working towards when we wake up in the mornings. Finding solutions for poor air quality in cities is something we all need to be thinking about, as we seek to make our environment healthy, for our children and ourselves.

The emission of greenhouse gasses that cause global warming and higher sea levels should be reduced, we cannot continue buying so many products that we don’t really need and factories need to cut back on their production in order to protect the environment.

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Whenever entrepreneurs only think of supplying the people with what they want and not what they need, pollution becomes a problem. We need to stop and think about the future of the planet and our health now, we can’t continue in this way, so many children have cancer now, it was not like this before. We can ask the manufacturers to make changes and protect our health. It is time for us to let them know that we care about our planet and our future.


The companies that cause toxins to be released into the air and into our rivers, oceans, and seas should start looking for ways to change the way they get rid of their toxic waste or find better ways to make their products. The lives of many persons who depend on fishing to make a living are badly affected when toxic waste kills the fish and the fish they manage to catch are not good for human consumption as they sometimes have cancer-causing toxins in them.

There are persons who complain of feeling ill when the toxins run close to the places where they live and the government seems to turn a blind eye to their plight sometimes, the government officials might only say the factories provide many jobs for persons who live in other areas. However, everyone will be eating toxic fish, both those who live on the beach and those who shop in supermarkets so this practice of discarding waste in the sea or rivers need to end.

Wealth without health will have no benefit, there has to be a better way to provide jobs for persons. The system we have now is bad for the environment and anything that is bad for the environment is also bad for our health.

Plastic Leaching

It has been reported that water and juice that is stored in plastic bottles over a long time or at a high temperature becomes toxic after a while, as dangerous chemicals used to make plastic leeches into the content of plastic containers and tests have proven that these chemicals are found in our bloodstream when we consume these products.

Bisphenol-A or BPA has been a concern for scientists as this chemical seems to cause rats to have changes in their breasts and prostate tissue. It is alleged that BPA is linked to more obesity in children, breast and prostate cancer in adults, changes in fetal development as it acts as an endocrine disrupter.

Plastic pollution has become a huge problem for everyone on earth since the toxins used in the manufacture of plastic is finding its way into our water and our food now. Helping children to know what to do to decrease the amount of plastic we have on the planet is very important, as a change in the way we handle plastic is needed now. We cannot afford to have a next generation who does the same things this current generation is doing when it comes on to plastic and how we use it and discard it.

Children who know more about how toxins affect their health will pay more attention to recycling, reusing and reducing plastic use and they will quickly spread the word about this important issue. When this happens the problem we are having now will not be passed on to the next generation.


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Children and Change

Children need to make informed decisions about the way they treat plastic waste every day. They should not be kept in the dark as they continue littering streets so their waste can be washed down in the drains before it gets to the sea or ocean still. They need to know how their waste affects their drinking water and their food.


Children will benefit a lot from having the information about how they can protect the environment in simple ebooks that they can read and understand. These books can be read for them even before they get to an age where they can read for themselves. Preparing them for a bright future is linked to how much they know about the important issues that affect their planet and their health at this time.

Children will grow up to become manufacturers, Engineers and they will be working in places where their decisions will have an impact on the environment. It is good for them to start learning about the importance of environmental protection early. There are many persons who are being affected by pollution and other problems because of the way waste is discarded and the way trees are cut down and not replanted. If we don’t change the way we prepare our children to face life as adults on the planet, they will continue doing what we do now and they will have nowhere to live after a while.

Children who are informed have started making the right decisions about protecting the environment as they know how important it is for them to do all they can to protect their own health by keeping the environment healthy.

It is time for everyone on earth to wake up and do their part in keeping mother earth beautiful, we should not be satisfied to sit and watch innocent creatures being destroyed because of our waste. It is just not fair to them, sea creatures should be able to enjoy having a clean home as well. Turtles and other marine animals eat plastic and it makes them feel full, so they stop eating the things they normally eat and then they die.

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When more recycling, reusing and reducing the use of plastic and electronics is done and we start replanting more trees so we can avoid soil erosion. Earth will remain beautiful and we will be healthier as well.

We need to insist that manufacturers and developers make plans that includes protecting the environment. If we won’t do our part we will be passing on an earth that is devastated to our children and that is sad. Let us work together to make the future bright. Building environmental protection awareness is easy now. You don’t need to just sit and watch as the environment id destroyed anymore.

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This ebook will be available on Amazon soon, it is a part of the collection of books children will read so they can learn about protecting the environment. The persons who have supported the project for the children and the environment have made it possible for this book to be illustrated and formatted. Your support will make it possible for the other books to be ready for the children. Be a part of this awesome project, do something for the future of planet earth and the children as well.



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