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Children Should be Told About the Harmful effect Plastic has on The Environment

When children are told about the harmful effect plastic has on the environment and how it affects their health, they will show more interest in the things they can start doing to have a clean and healthy environment. They will not litter the streets and they will pay more attention to recycling, reusing and reducing the use of plastic. They will develop the good habits that will help them to work towards having a bright future here on planet earth. However, when they are not told about protecting the environment and how plastic can harm them, they will continue doing all the things they see others do as they keep on polluting the water, the soil, and the air.

Burning Plastic

Burning plastic releases toxins into the air, these toxins harm us in many ways, have you noticed the increase in the number of children who have Cancer? Added to the damage caused when we inhale toxic fumes, the toxins get into the soil in areas where plastic is burned and then it get’s into our water supply and even the food we eat will not be as healthy as before the burning of plastic took place. These are the things children need to start learning about so they will start making better decisions about the way they discard plastic waste every day. When children are told that it is good to reuse, reduce and recycle plastic waste they might think it is not that important and nothing really serious will happen if they just keep on living in the way they have been living before. If we want a change in the way we treat plastic and the way we protect the environment we need to tell the children the important facts about the things they are doing to harm themselves and others.


The Plastic Bottle 

Since we now know that the plastic bottles we easily use and toss aside will be on earth for a long time, maybe even after we have passed on. As it can break up into small pieces they now call microplastic. The microplastic is swallowed by the fish we eat and all the toxic material used to make the plastic gets into our stomachs and this cannot be a good thing. It is time for every individual on the planet to be aware of how important protecting the environment is so they can start doing more to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic. We can’t say we plan to live a happy and healthy life and pass on a beautiful earth to our children if we don’t decide to change what we are doing now and help our children to make better decisions when they use plastic products.

Fewer Oil Spills

The oil that is used to transport plastic is transported across oceans and seas. Oil spills occur from time to time and destroy eco-systems. Reusing, reducing and recycling plastic will help to save the sea creatures that die when they are covered with oil and their homes are totally destroyed. It takes many years and a lot of work to clean up an oil spill and the effects of it will never be totally removed.


Removing Plastic From The Sea

There is now too much plastic in the seas and oceans and even though there has been more recycling taking place, the amount of plastic waste in the waters have continued to grow. It is said that we are close to having more plastic than fish in the oceans and seas now and if nothing changes this will be a reality soon.

However young professionals are trying to find ways to remove plastic from the waters and they are having some success. However, this is a very costly affair and the money we need to do this operation could be used to help in the fight against poverty all over the world.

When you support the project that is designed to help children to be more aware of the many simple activities they can get involved in, as they do more to protect the environment. You will be fixing a huge problem by helping children to develop good habits when they are dealing with waste disposal. In a world where we are now realizing that it would be good if we had no waste to deal with, and we are moving towards that end. We need to inform the children so they can be a part of the revolution. When we educate children about protecting the environment, we are preparing them to face a future that is bright. 

They will want to be involved in making the world into a better place as they won’t want creatures they know now to go extinct. Children are very concerned about the state of the environment right now, and helping them to change the way they treat plastic will be a great way to show them how much you care about them.

Let us work towards having a day when there is no plastic in the oceans or seas and our air and soil is not toxic. Mother Earth deserves much more than what we have given to her over the years. She has given us healthy food to eat, clean water to drink and so much more, but most of us have not shown our appreciation for all she has done for us, as we have generated too much waste and we have also done many things to destroy different sections of our planet. Toxic waste kills fish sometimes and marine animals die when they eat plastic and it stays in their gut and they can’t pass it out. They feel as if they are full so they don’t eat and this causes them to die after a while. If we continue like this there might be no Seafood for us to eat in the future.

Building Environmental Protection awareness among children, as we help them to understand how important it is for them to start protecting the environment is very important. When we do this we are showing them that their future matters to us, and we want to do our part in helping them to have a healthy environment to live in. We will also spend less on cleaning up the places we have already destroyed because we discarded our waste without thinking about its impact on the environment.



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3 thoughts on “Children Should be Told About the Harmful effect Plastic has on The Environment

  1. You’ve raised some interesting points – we definitely need to educate people. A lot of our current habits are unfortunately very bad for the environment and there needs to be a culture shift. Agree that educating people and doing our bit is the way forward.

    For me, Blue Planet II (UK) has raised some really important messages about plastic pollution. Even making a few small changes and telling friends and family about them gets people to think. Ever since starting on my journey to zero waste, I’ve noticed that just by talking to friends and family has made them think, and I’ve noticed small changes that they’ve made too. Every little definitely helps!

    1. I am glad you read my article, I live on an island and I am very concerned. I believe the only way for us to see change in the way we treat the environment is by telling the children the truth about what needs to be done. I see how concerned they are when they understand what is happening. I think they can force us to do things in a better way. That is why I started writing for them.

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