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No More Volunteering for Beach Clean-up Days

Wouldn’t it be great if we were never in need of beach clean-up days? If everyone on the planet could discard their waste in a responsible way and waste didn’t get to the beaches?
It is possible for this to happen if we educate our children about the importance of protecting the environment, so the beaches will always be clean and marine animals won’t be eating plastic and dying.
If children are aware of the simple things they can do to protect the environment, they will grow up to be responsible adults who will do more recycling, reusing and reducing of plastic waste.
There are children who are already very concerned about the environment and what their lives will be like when they grow up.

No more Litter
Littering streets every day and causing the waste to get to the beaches whenever the rain falls is something that should never happen. There should be more bins for people to put the waste in and the government should charge the people who litter huge fines; the money they collect could pay the special police they would hire to issue tickets to the persons who break the anti-litter laws.

Easy To Tell the Children

There is a project here for the children and the environment. It is very easy for parents and grandparents who want their children to have a bright future, to order e-books and fiverr gigs right here. When this is done, more books about protecting the environment will be published for the children. The will know how waste affects the environment and their health. They will be aware of the things they can do to make their own future bright.
If they are not aware of the things they are doing to harm the environment they will continue doing the same things they see adults do and our environment will continue to deteriorate.

ebook for kids


We can not continue pretending that our children will grow up and treat the environment in the right way when we are not telling them what needs to be done. Change is needed in the way we educate our children about issues pertaining to environmental protection and there is no better time for us to do something new than now. The oceans are getting warmer, sea levels are rising, ice at the North pole is melting quickly, we are seeing more storms and hurricanes destroying countries and more waste is being generated by humans every day. Added to plastic waste and all the other waste we had before, e-waste is becoming a serious problem now.

It is easy for us to continue sending our waste to the landfills to be burnt, but the soil is becoming toxic and toxic soil produces toxic food for us to eat. Added to that the burning waste causes toxic fumes to rise to the sky, air quality gets poor and acid rain is produced.
Children will start thinking of solutions for the problems we already have with the environment and they will be able to face the future with a positive attitude when they are prepared to make the situation better.
However, if they are not told anything about what is happening to the environment now, they will not even think about the changes that are needed.

Life is so much better for the marine animals, the coral reef and the beaches when the environment is protected, we won’t need to clean up beaches and turtles will do what they did before beaches were littered.
Baby Turtles can’t get to the water after they get out of their shells, whenever the beach is littered.

There are a lot of persons who enjoy relaxing on the beach and they will help to clean-up beaches after a while, but wouldn’t it be better if we didn’t allow the beaches to be littered like that at all. A simple change in the way we discard our waste could save the lives of many sea Turtles and other marine animals.

If there is no change in the way we protect the environment there might be no beaches for our children to enjoy when they grow up, as the rising seas level will erode beaches. Let’s reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we release into the air, recycle, reuse and reduce plastic and other materials before it is too late. Our children should be able to enjoy the same beautiful beaches we enjoyed having fun at when we were their age.
Don’t allow them to say,” the adults ruined everything, they really didn’t care about us.
There are many ways in which you can support this great project for the children and you will get great deals that you will like. Take a look at the front page of my site
A Creative way to tell children about protecting the environment is finally here

Let’s do all we can to improve the health of our environment and create a bright future for our children. They will have more books to read about all the things they can do to protect the environment while you get ebooks for yourself and great service for your business. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain when you support this fantastic project.

It will be dangerous for us to even go swimming at our beaches because of water that is filled with small pieces of plastic. When water gets into our mouths and down into our stomachs the plastic will get into our system and this can lead to problems in the future.

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It is time for us to think about all this waste in the ocean every time we discard plastic. Gone are the days when we could believe that the things that are dumped in the oceans will be out of sight and out of mind. It is clear that we have been creating a big mess and it is time for us to change the way we manage our waste. It is time for us to say we don’t need to but so many products that cause plastic waste to destroy the lives of marine animals and our own lives as well.

Telling the children about all the ways in which we didn’t protect the environment is a good place to start when we are serious about correcting our mistakes and moving in the right direction. I’m sure you’ll agree.



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