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Protecting the Environment while we Discard our Waste

When waste is discarded in the best way, as we try to protect the environment persons will become more creative and they will realize that many problems will be solved. Many of the things we normally discard can be used to create things we can use. You’ll find that you will save money and have more gifts to give. Added to that, children who watch their parents treating waste in the right way will want to do the right thing too. They will be learning valuable lessons about protecting the environment and they will want to pass on their knowledge to their friends, this will help to spread the very important message, about how good it is for us to do more for the environment. The plastic that is now a problem for the environment will become beautiful Jewelry Boxes, toy cars, Christmas tree decorations and many other useful things you can make to use in your home as you reduce the amount of money you spend while shopping.

You will be reducing the amount of waste that get’s to the landfills, the oceans and the Seas when you discard waste in a better way. You’ll have more compost for your plants when you do gardening, you will be reducing the amount of smelly waste that gets into your garbage bin. More plastic and paper will be recycled or made into new products and less toxic fumes will be released into the air. Take a look at this new composting equipment. It makes composting very easy. We should always support persons who make these equipments, so they will be encouraged to make more similar equipment to protect our environment.

Environmental Protection Awareness Helps

Children who are aware of how important it is for waste to be separated will help their parents to get the waste in the right bins as they grow up to become responsible adults who do all they can to protect the environment at all times.
Separation of waste will become a normal thing for families to do when they are aware of the problems they will face if they continue discarding waste in the wrong way. Parents who tell their children about waste separation and how important it is; are doing the right thing and they will get more help from their children with taking out the waste when children understand the benefits of their action.

How to sort waste before Recycling

Recycling and reusing waste material is very important and separating glass, metal, paper and plastic, should be done in the correct way, and they should be placed in separate bins, as we think about the workers who handle the waste when it gets to the depot. We wouldn;t want them to get wounds because of broken glass.
This video will tell you all the things you need to know about sorting your waste before discarding.

Roads made with Recycled Plastic
There are more products being made with recycled plastic every day and using plastics to build roads is a new idea that is being explored. Some persons are very happy about it and they have started to make plastic roads, but some persons think it will be a bad idea. We need to use more recycled plastic everyday, so it is good to see that there are persons who are trying new ways to use recycled plastic. Even though there are persons who believe it is better fpr us to use plastic to make oil again and use it to produce energy.

Watch this video and learn more about it.

Now that we know more about how plastic causes problems in our environment and we are finding new ways to reuse , reduce and recycle plastic. We need to pass on valuable information about environmental protection to our children, so they won’t make the same mistakes we made. There is a project for the environment and the children here

Children will have access to more books

Children will have access to more books
that are written about environmental protection; in simple language that children will enjoy reading. them as they learn all they need to know about protecting the environment.

Children who are aware of the many things they can do to protect the environment will want to help with finding solutions for the many problems we have with the pile up of waste and how it causes problems for the environment. They will be creative and helpful as well.They have been very creative when they try to find new ways t0 reuse waste. They have made toys for themselves and others and other products even their parents can use around the home. They also begin learning about being kind to others, as they do more for the environment. When they make new products from waste and give them away.

Plastic Waste Problem

Our actions have an impact on our planet and our own health. Since the plastic we flush, gets into our rivers, oceans and seas, they are eaten by the fish that we buy to eat. Even the sea salt we use in our kitchens can be the sea salt that has small pieces of plastic in it. There is far too much plastic waste on our planet now. Reducing the use of plastic is something we all need to do, and discarding plastic in a responsible way is very important as well.

Since the use of disposable plastic products has escalated around the world, the amount of marine creatures who lose their lives because of plastic waste has increased a lot. I’m sure we would be very upset if another creature on this planet allowed their waste to invade our home and take our lives. So why do we continue to disregard the plight of the marine animals and fish?

If we simply use one less item that is made of plastic each week and encourage persons who are close to us to do the same, we can reduce the amount of plastic that washes down into our oceans, let’s give it a try. We just can’t afford to pass on a planet that is just a big garbage dump to our children,

We can reduce our use of plastic by refusing to use at least one item that is made from plastic each day, and encourage our friends and loved ones to do the same.We can change the way we treat plastic and save our planet. Plastic knives and forks are not needed let’s use the ones we used before the plastic ones were made. You can carry them in a bag with you wherever you go and refuse to use the plastic forks that are handed out by restaurants. You can also choose to eat at restaurants that use silverware only. Your actions will change the way business people treat plastic.
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pexels-photo-265903.jpegOur world is constantly changing, but we should want the changes to be good for the environment.Now that we are aware of the plastic pollution problem, let’s try to fix it. Remember this, anything that is bad for the environment is bad for us as well. We are connected to our environment in many ways.



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