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What Contributions to the Green Project for Kids Did

They did great things for the kids, by making it possible for kids to learn about protecting the environment. There has been a lot of kind persons who have contributed to the awesome green project for kids here, as they understand how important it is for kids to learn about the simple things they can do to protect the environment and look forward to a bright future. I am so grateful to the contributors and I am saying a big thank you as we continue on the journey, moving towards having a clean and healthy environment by educating our children about environmental protection issues.

EBooks For Kids

The contributions made it possible for e-books to be published on Amazon for kids, they are nicely illustrated, colored, edited and formatted. They are going at a very reasonable price and sometimes they are given away. Children read about the effect plastic has on marine animals in a simple way. They are encouraged to assist their parents with the separation of waste in a subtle way.

Ebooks have been published about Dunns River the beautiful waterfalls and beach in Jamaica and children are able to read about the great way in which families enjoy nature; they will be inspired to do all they can to protect the environment, as this ebook tells them about delicious fruits, river rafting building sand castles, swimming and more great things they can do when they are having fun in the great outdoors.

The Benefits of reading these books for the Kids

Parents and Grandparents can easily tell kids about how good it is to protect the environment and keep the earth beautiful without annoying the children. When they want them to understand why it is important for them to put waste in the right place, kids will quickly understand why it is important. They will want to spread this important information among their friends as well. Having books for their environmental clubs are now a possibility.


Kids are always curious about nature and telling them about how important it is to protect the environment so they can have fun and see all the beauty that nature offers, can only be a good thing.
They will grow up to become responsible citizens who will do all they can to protect the environment and live healthy lives. The won’t want to have a sea or ocean that is filled with plastic waste and junk, they won’t want to pollute the air, water and the soil in any way.

We should never allow children to grow up without the important information they need to have about environmental protection, when there are so many ways in which you can contribute to this green project that will continue producing books about tree planting, reducing waste, recycling, reusing waste and other great things even kids can do to protect the environment.

This book “Ricardo’s Tree” will be published soon. Contributors made it possible for this cover to be done and the illustrations for the inside of the book is being done right now. The book tells a story about a little boy who plants a seed and does all he can to make it grow as he dreams about the delicious fruits he will have to eat ans share with his friends and family.
Now that you get so much in return when you give to this great green project for the kids, you can take a look at the great reviews that contributors left on the fiverr page and place an order for great service or order the e-books you like to read. They are all available here.

It is good for children to develop the habit of refusing extra toys when they think of protecting the environment. They will be kind also as they will give their used toys away instead of putting them in the trash and allowing them to go to the landfill to be burned and release toxic fumes to pollute the air.

Raising kids that are aware of the effect their waste have on the environment is very important, we cannot afford to add more waste to the islands of plastic that is already in the ocean. We must think about our health as well, toxins in the air are very harmful to humans. Respiratory illnesses can kill and we shouldn’t take it for granted that bad air quality will not harm us.

How can we allow another generation to continue polluting the environment without even trying to do something new? When it is so easy for us to something about it? Supporting this green, project for kids will go a far way in helping the worlds population to be more aware of the things they can do to protect the environment and have a future that is bright.

Don’t allow the kids to say the adults did nothing to make their future bright, when you can get so much in return when you contribute to this green project for the kids. You will save money when your kids are aware of how important it is for them to learn how to protect the environment. They will turn off light when they are not being used and in their effort to reduce waste, they will wear more second hand clothing, less disposable things and they will use less water.

When chemicals are used as pesticides it gets into the soil and washes into streams and rivers. Bees and other insects will go extinct if we continue using some of the pesticides we use today as well. Chemicals gets into our drinking water. We should do more to educate ourselves and our kids about these issues, so we can make informed decisions about the water we drink and we can also do more to reduce the use of harmful chemicals as we try to protect the environment and our healthy. A healthy environment protects our health and informed kids will not make the mistakes we made when we were not aware of the things that are done to pollute the ennvironment.

Kids deserve to have an opportunity to live a good life in a clean environment. They should not be left with a contaminated environment because of the mistakes adults make. When we are serious about giving the children a bright future we will tell the children all they need to know about protecting the environment.
Let us start working together now.




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