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Protecting the Environment and the Tourism Industry

Tourism has become a very important industry in this modern age and protecting the environment is linked to protecting the Tourism industry in a lot of ways. Having clean water for guests to drink and have their baths added to all the different things that are done with water in hotels to keep them looking good is something that everyone in the tourism industry should think about.
Having beaches that are littered with waste, won’t be good for tourism industry either.
Fun Writings and Things has found a creative way to work towards having a clean environment, as it is clear that projecting the Tourism Industry by protecting the environment in many different vacation spots and other places all around the world is important.

Having clean air for guests to breath and healthy food is also important for keeping guests happy and healthy so that they will always want to return to the hotels they stayed at before.
Protecting the seas and oceans should be seen as something that is very important for the Tourism industry as well. When there were more Coral Reefs in the seas and oceans, there were a lot more fish for guests to eat when they visited hotels. As the fish lay their eggs in the reef and fishermen didn’t need to go very far from shore to catch fish, as there was enough fish nearby. However, now that the coral reef is destroyed in many places, there is nothing beautiful for visitors to see under the sea or ocean anymore, a lot of the activities they enjoyed like snorkeling and scuba diving are not as enjoyable unless they go far from the shore as well. It is not good for anyone to go scuba diving and see junk and plastic waste instead of beautiful coral reefs, fish, and marine animals.


Project for the Protection of the Environment
Vacations are necessary and it would be good if more could be done to protect the environment and the many jobs that are generated by the tourism industry.
It would be good if hotels would take the lead when it comes to rejecting products that are packaged in a non-biodegradable packaging and reduce the amount of plastic waste that gets into the sea or ocean.

When hotel managers endorse a project for the children and the environment, they are showing everyone that they care about the future of the industry they earn from today. They know that the tourism industry will benefit from spreading the news about the benefits of environmental protection. We can benefit a lot from having children who are educated about protecting the environment, as they will grow up to become responsible adults who will always go the extra mile to tell others about environmental protection awareness, as they do all they can to have a clean and healthy environment as well.
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We need to have more ocean lovers on the planet in order for us to continue enjoying all the oceans and the seas have to offer. We have taken the seas or oceans for granted for far too long. We have dumped too much waste in them. In order for us to see the change we need to see, our children need to be told about the importance of protecting the environment so they can understand how our lives on the land affect the creatures in the sea and the people who make a living be earning from fishing and tourism.

Why not keep the environment healthy when we can? Why not do what we can do while we can? Since restoring the health of our seas and oceans is linked to changing the things we do every day. Telling our children about the change that is needed and how they will be made, in order for them to have a future that is bright is very important and we need to start doing something new now that we know that human impact has done so much damage to the health of the ecosystem.
Why not have a healthy ecosystem by changing the things we do every day? Now that we know more about nature and what we need to do to protect our environment?
We can tell the children all they need to know about these issues, they will be equipped to take care of mother earth in a better way. The environment will be restored so they can grow up healthy and happy and get ready to pass on great information about environmental protection awareness to the next generation.

Children will want to continue taking vacations when adults are gone and in order for them to have beautiful oceans and seas to enjoy, change in the way we treat the environment needs to start happening now. We need to change the way we pass on information to them, as we get them prepared to face life on our planet.
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What Children will Learn

Children will learn about recycling and why it is important, they will also learn about tree planting and the benefits, reusing plastic, reducing the use of plastic, and how all these things can be done. Children who know about the importance of environmental protection awareness will do their part to keep the environment clean. Soon there will be no need for beach clean up days and there will be less litter on our streets.

These children will grow up and become adults who replant trees when they cut them down and do their part to have a clean and healthy environment.




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