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Reducing Waste and Protecting the Environment

When you reduce waste
You are doing something great
You are not waiting until it is too late
You are not waiting until the planet looks like a big dump
And our children have nowhere to play, they can’t hop, skip and jump
You are saying protecting the environment means a lot to you
And you are trying to do the right thing so that we all can make it through
When we generate too much waste, we become a burden to the environment
There is too much plastic to burn or get into the sea, we won’t be content
We are not the only ones on the planet who wants to have clean homes every day
So let’s Reduce our waste as much as we can and treat the environment in a great way
A Creative way to tell children about protecting the environment is finally here

Reducing waste is something we need to do for the environment. We need to think of this as a win, win, win situation so we can share valuable information with our children. We can spread awareness about the impact our waste has on the environment easily. When we tell our children all they need to know about waste reduction and prepare them for a better life here on planet earth.

Stop Polluting

Learning about new ways of reducing waste every day is important, as we can’t afford to continue polluting our soil, our water, and our air if we want to live a healthy and happy life on this planet. Telling children about environmental protection is all about preparing them for a future that is bright. So they will be able to see all the animals we know now, continue breathing clean air, drinking clean water and having fun on clean beaches.

Biodegradable Material

Telling children why it is important for them to buy products that are packaged in a biodegradable material is important, as plastic packaging is bad for the environment. They take a very long time to become a part of the soil and this causes them to pile up and become a place for insects and rodents to make their homes in. The pile-up of plastics has become a big problem for marine animals as well. There are islands of plastic in the ocean. The seafood we eat might not be as healthy for us, as we would like to believe. They could have plastic in them and we could be enjoying a meal of plastic when we eat them as well.
Reducing our waste will save our trees as well when we start using fewer paper plates and cups and start taking our own plates and cups to the places where we eat. We can also use both sides of the paper we write on at all times. When we reduce the amount of paper we use we are protecting the air we breathe as trees help to keep the air clean.
When we reduce plastic waste, we save the lives of our marine animals and we are saving our own lives as well.
Telling children how to figure out if things are biodegradable is all about making them more aware so they can protect the environment.

About Telling Children How to Reduce Waste
We should teach our children about how important it is for us to know about composting and eating more vegetables. We use a lot less plastic when we eat more of the things we don’t buy at supermarkets. We save money and we protect our health when we eat more vegetables and ground provision.
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Save both the Planet and your Money

We save our planet and we save money when we reduce waste. We will find a way to win when we don’t give in to those ads and buy all the things they tell us to buy. We don’t need a lot of the things we buy sometimes and whenever we keep on buying things we don’t need we are unable to even save for a rainy day.
You can reduce the number of gadgets you buy as e-waste is a terrible problem as well. The material that is used to make cell phones and other devices leak into our soil and gets into food. We can’t say there has not been an increase in the number of people who has cancer these days. Even our children are being diagnosed with Cancer more often. There are so many benefits to be enjoyed when we reduce waste that we should not want to think twice before we decide to do all we can to change our spending habits and protect the environment as well.
We can give the clothes we don’t want anymore to homeless shelters or churches. When people who need them start wearing them, there will be fewer things to burn at the dump. Children who are aware of how important it is for them to protect the environment will give their old toys to other children as well, and kindness will become a more popular word for more people.\


The world is in need of more kindness and reducing waste can give us a lot more opportunities to be kind. We will help others to save and we will be saving too. Reducing waste and having clean drinking water, clean air and healthy soil is a great thing to do.When our children are aware of all they benefit they can derive from all the things they can do to save the planet they will go the extra mile to do all they can do to protect the environment and spend their money in ways that will help them to have long term benefits. They won’t be buying everything that is advertised. Think about where the things you buy will be going after a while. Do you really need to buy so much stuff? Are you just shopping because it feels good to shop? Or do you really need the things you buy? Think before you shop, reduce the amount of things that goes to the landfills.



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