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The Project for the Children and the Environment

Why it is Important to give Children Information About Protecting The Environment

Helping our children to be aware of what they can do to reduce the amount of plastic that gets into the seas and the oceans, is more important now than it has ever been before; recent research is helping us to understand that there might be more plastic in our seas and oceans than fish after a while if nothing changes, and the only way for us to reverse this problem is to recycle more as we reduce the amount of waste that get’s into our seas and oceans.


Children who are informed about protecting the environment and how important it is, are empowered to protect themselves and the marine animals as well. They know the effect the burning of plastic will have on their health, they will also know about other environmental issue that are making the air, soil and water quality bad and they will encourage other children and adults to change the way they do things. They are always interested in creating a bright future for themselves and their friends; this will lead to the change that is needed in societies, as more persons will become more aware of what they can do to protect the environment.

There are countries where the Tourism product is being destroyed, as the people continually throw their waste in rivers as they don’t realize how the sea is affected when the waste ends up there. They don’t think about the fish they want to eat and how waste affects them. They need to be informed so they will be destroying their own lives, as they don’t have the right information. However, now that we know how recycled plastic can create new products and help us to reduce the cost of the things we buy as we create more jobs.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle are the three words that should be spoken about everywhere on the planet, so we won’t have new plastic islands being formed in our oceans, dying and deformed marine animals and fish, in the waters that surround our countries because of our inability to protect our environment.

About Trash To Cash

Helping everyone on the planet to understand that trash can be turned into cash is something we need to think about more often and empowering children is the best way to get the knowledge to spread quickly. Children love to talk and they can get their parents to change the wrong things they do very easily. Parents will quickly realize that they should be setting good examples for the children to follow, it should never be the other way around; this will cause them to change the way they do things in an effortless way. This has worked many times before and I believe it is the best way for us to work towards having a clean and healthy environment to live in.

Now that we have e-waste added to plastic waste and all the other things we had before to pollute our environment. It is very important for us to encourage our children to learn about turning cash to trash. They will grow up to become responsible citizens who will think about their own future and the future of others.

Our planet need individuals who are able to show how much they care. selfishness and greed is destroying too many lives at this time. Turning trash to cash will create more jobs, reduce the amount of money we spend on products and help us to live in clean environments.

What Happens To Waste

The project on this site for the children and the environment is designed to empower children as they will learn about the many things they can do to keep the environment clean. We teach them to keep our homes clean and we need to take one more step. They need to know what happens to their waste when they discard it in the wrong way and how they can benefit from taking care of the environment. Now that we know that reusing, reducing and recycling plastic and other waste material can help us to keep our environment clean and healthy. We should do more to inform our children, so they can start making good choices when they are discarding waste. It is evident that there is a link between a clean environment and health, and helping children to understand this can help them in a great way.

Children who Know all about Environmental Protection

There are children who know all about Environmental protection awareness and they are forming clubs and doing all they can to make the planet beautiful, they pay close attention to what happens to their waste by giving their toys to other children who will continue playing with them, using less plastic bottles, plates, spoons, forks, knives and cups. I’m sure you will agree that protecting our environment is important when you see what is happening in some developed countries where the air quality is so poor, they are wearing masks over their noses every day and they are encouraged to stay home sometimes.

Our drinking water, soil and our air are all getting more toxic every day because of plastic waste and e-waste as they release mercury and a lot of other harmful chemicals in our soil. There are places where acid rain has become a serious problem as well.

Supporting the Project for the Children and the Environment

Now that you know how important it is for us to protect our environment and create a bright future for our children. Can we work together? Whenever you order anything on this site, you are contributing to the great ebooks about things they can do to protect the environment and health for the children. You are saying you want them to be empowered and determined to have clean water, air, and good health. When you simply order fiverr gigs for lyrics, advertising, motivation and more, or ebooks about love, motivation and Jamaica a beautiful island in the Caribbean.

Whenever you think of taking vacations on beautiful islands, you’ll say it is important to tell children about protecting the environment as they will want to enjoy these vacations when they grow up as well. Make it possible for them to do that by supporting this project for the children and the environment.

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