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Planning For Zero Waste

More information is here about the project for the children and the environment. Show the children how much you care about their future, in a new and creative way. Working towards having zero waste is good for the environment, but it will only become a reality if we tell the children about it and get them involved when we reuse, reduce and recycle plastic.


Having a clean and healthy environment won’t be seen as something that cannot be anymore. We can easily tell the children how to do more to protect our beaches, prevent soil erosion, protect our rivers and work towards having clean air. You won’t have a problem contributing to this awesome project for the children, as you will get a lot in return. It is so easy for you to order e books and fiverr fiverr gigs , right here on the site.

There are great e books here for the children as well. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose, when you contribute to this project.

We need to work towards getting to zero waste, humans have damaged the environment for too long. We need to stop and think about what our waste does to the marine creatures and now our waste is getting into our food. Let’s think about the future and the kind of planet we want to leave for our children.

Now you can learn about tree planting and get great ideas when you watch this video. Environmentally friendly ideas, like refusing, using reusable things and more. Reducing pollution by reducing, reusing and recycling plastic use.

One step at a time as you move towards the day when there is zero waste on earth. I’m sure the children will love you more, as you will be helping them to have a bright future.

The Press release

Press Release:

A New Way to look at Environmental Protection

Since all we have done to spread the word about the importance of protecting the environment has not brought us the required results; I believe you will agree with me when I say it is time for us to approach the problem in a new way.
This new and fun way of getting this important message out is urgently needed, as Global warming has been causing more hurricanes, droughts and the sea is filled with plastic and other things that are harmful to the sea creatures. Added to that, the children have started to speak out about the terrible state of the environment, as they worry about their future.

This new approach I have been working on; includes a series of ebooks for children. The stories in these ebooks are designed to inform children about the things they can do to change the direction in which we are now going. They will see how the way we are now living, affects the environment and how it feels to have clean beaches and rivers etc. Even though the stories are written about the fun activities, they can get involved in and beautiful places they can visit.

Some of these ebooks have been published on and as I am now raising funds by selling the ebooks and Fiverr gigs on my website, as I raise funds for the publishing cost of the other stories so they can be published as well. I am sure you will gladly support this very important project. As we work towards having a clean environment, without the need for ‘beach cleanup days’ and other similar activities. A bright future for our children will be another fun activity for families as parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents will enjoy reading these ebooks for children, as we all learn about this important topic together.

Company name: Fun Writings and Things
Contact name: Denise Salmon
Phone number: 1-876-337-5273
Country and City: Kingston , Jamaica


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Now you can read about love, a beautiful island and more or order lyrics, slogans, jingles, do more online advertising etc. as you contribute to the publishing cost of more ebooks for the children. They will be learning about all they can do to protect the environment.

Make Mother Earth better for all the animals and humans today. Let’s not wait any longer, we can’t afford to allow any more plastic to get to the oceans. We all enjoy eating fish and lobster, we don’t want to hurt ourselves when we eat, our food should be good for us; but if we continue polluting our oceans, soon we will not be able to eat and seafood. Added to that our children will only be wondering what seafood tasted like


I am sure you will want to do more to help the children to do more for the environment when you see what happens to plastic when it gets to the ocean. Passing this information on to the children is very important. Let us not take it for granted that they will hear about it one day.

When they get the information from their loved ones they will understand how important it is.

The books that are here for them are great, they will enjoy reading them and you can easily order them on

Talking about protecting the environment is not as boring as before, now that there is a cute pink baby Turtle involved. The children will certainly want to protect her by protecting the environment.

Help them to learn more about the zero waste lifestyle and why it is important for their own health and the health of the environment.

Don’t allow them to say we didn’t care about them at all and we left a messy planet with messed up beaches and rivers, so they have nothing to enjoy when there is a simple solution right here.

Protecting our beaches is extremely important, we all like going to the beach, but no one likes swimming in water that is filled with plastic. Let’s face it, we need change.



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